Super Mario Brothers Virtual Console Review

Super Mario Brothers is the original classic that helped turn Nintendo into a videogame giant. Does the godfather of platformers still hold up to today’s high standard? The answer is a resounding yes! Players can download the game off of Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points (about five dollars).

Players should already be familiar with the basic story in the Mario franchise. Princess Peach had been kidnapped by Browser and its up to Mario (and Luigi if you’re playing two players) to save her. Super Mario Brothers may not win any awards in the story department, but it more than makes up for it with classic gameplay.

The graphics held up surprisingly well which give testament to the amazing art direction of Super Mario Brothers. The 2D sprites are sharp and vibrant. Inside the dungeons, however, the game really shows its age.

Super Mario Brothers’ famous tunes are as catchy as players remember hearing it the first time. Hearing the tunes again brings back many nostalgic memories. What makes the music instant classics was the fact that it changes depending on the situation. When Mario is outside, the music is upbeat; underwater, the tune is suitable for exploration; inside the dungeon, it imposes fear.

Not only does it easily stand against the test of time, Super Mario Brothers revolutionary gameplay inspired many games today, especially platformers. Players move from the right side of the screen to the left defeating enemies, getting power ups and dodging obstacles along the way. Collecting 100 coins would net players an extra life. Getting power ups would make Mario grow bigger, shoot fireballs and become invincible. The classic gameplay is simple, yet fun.

Super Mario Brothers has a super high replayability. Each of the stages is filled with multiple secrets and hidden paths. In addition, the game has a two player competitive mode where players try to outdo each other’s high score.

The game is challenging as it has no save points whatsoever. Once you ran out of extra lives, you have to start all over (and you will die a lot). Although the game is short, beating it will take a lot of skill, practice and patience.

Super Mario Brothers is a perfect example of why we play videogames. It is full of thrills and enjoyments that no other kind of entertainment can offer. If you haven’t owned it already than you must buy Super Mario Brothers. For just 500 Wii Points, Super Mario Brothers is better than most of today’s games.

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