Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii: Lose Weight by Exercising with Video Games

One of the keys to weight loss is to regularly exercise. It seems to most people that the main reason they do not regularly exercise is because they feel they do not have the time. If you do not have the time to exercise, do you still have the time to do something fun/entertaining. Chances are you regularly engage in an activity that you either call your hobby, interest, or entertainment and this even includes the time you spend watching television or just surfing the internet. In order to make yourself WANT to exercise and get away from/or alter your fun activities, you may need to make exercise fun.
There are many ways for exercise to be fun and/or enjoyable. Different people will think of different things as fun exercise. Some people do in fact love to run and that is the way they exercise. For others their interests are different. Begin by brainstorming some of your favorite things to do. Let’s say one of your top favorites is playing video games.

Once you have a list of some of your favorite things to do, then start thinking how you can use it to exercise or as a tool in your exercise program. In this article I am going to use the example of video games as the interest. Nowadays video games offer several things that can get you some exercise. It may not be as good as other forms of exercise, but the things I list below do give you a workout and with them being enjoyable you may get more exercise regularly than a different form of exercise that you find boring.

Dance Dance Revolution: This game can be fun on your own or with friends at an arcade. For those too shy to dance in public, you can get one for a home console video game system. The one I often play is Dance Dance Revolution Mario MIx for Gamecube, but most other major consoles also have a version.

Nintendo Wii: The capability of the Wiimote really makes it possible for several games to offer a workout. The main game currently is Wii Sports. The boxing is especially most conducive for a workout, but the others are also good such as tennis and bowling. There is also WarioWare that gets you moving in a variety of ways, especially when doing the Kelimeter part. Nintendo has already announced the eventual game of Wii Fit, which will surely be an awesome workout game for video game lovers.

Guitar Hero: If you like music and video games, then you make really like this game as a workout. Play and dance as you do and you may even break a sweat.


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